Do you or someone you care about suffer from Lifestyle Creep?

Lifestyle creep — also known as lifestyle inflation — is the main reason why many high-income earners are not wealthy. In fact, many high-income earners aren’t as wealthy as some low-income earners.

Signs and symptoms of Lifestyle Creep include:

No more commute. No more uncomfortable formal clothing. No more endless meetings, or awkward elevator rides, or blinding overhead lights, or co-workers squawking about their new diets as the stench of microwaved fish engulfs the office.

A year ago, the prospect of never returning to work would have seemed like a dream come true for many people. But in October 2020, months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibility of working home forever has become dizzyingly real for millions of us.

Are we really never going back to the office?

Once considered a fringe perk or an option only for freelancers and people in tech, working from home is now…

It wasn’t until I started my first side hustle that I realized how much effort it took to get into my flow state. I had gotten exactly what I ordered with freelance: a break from routine. But that break also broke my groove and made for a rude awakening and a new appreciation for the parameters set by upper management in my days as an employee. Thanks to them I knew exactly what I needed and that was a well-oiled workflow.

Do you find yourself repeating conversations with clients? Mindlessly performing tasks that could be automated? …

You’re surrounded by rich people, but you want to avoid lifestyle creep. Here’s what I learned growing up among the 1%.

Growing up with extremely wealthy friends shaped the person I am today — for better and for worse. The moment I read the words “lifestyle creep” many memories came rushing back to me, so, after much mental processing and reprocessing, I’m sharing my new perspective on old ideals and bad habits that no longer serve me, or my financial goals.

Imagine this: you live in an expensive city full of expensive things owned by other people. Everywhere you look, there’s a sports car, a luxury house, a shopping bag stuffed with designer clothing. Your friends, neighbors, and peers all seem…

When #millennialretirementplan was trending Twitter, one idea gave me hope among the realities of how bad the outlook is for millennials.

Okay, it’s not that crazy. In fact, it’s one of the oldest retirement strategies known to humanity.

Many of us born after the baby boomer generation known as millennials think of retirement as nothing but an illusion or pipe dream.

Is it too late for me to even think about retiring early?

Am I willing to sacrifice some of the most important goals I’ve had for myself if that’s what it takes to live within my means?

Will I even get to slow down and seize my life as a senior citizen?

I had lost all hope until I saw…

Couple cuddling in park on grass
Couple cuddling in park on grass

I’ll be honest, my marriage/relationship is far from perfect. My husband and I have known each other for 11 years, been together for 9 years, and married for almost 2 years. We met when we had just turned 19 and didn’t start dating until we were 21. We’ve argued about a lot of things, but the one thing we haven’t ever fought about? Money.

But that’s not because we see eye to eye on every financial detail. We actually have very different views on money. I’m much more aggressive, generous and opportunistic and he’s much more cautious and wary. I’m…

Millennial sits in hammock contemplating existential dread during 2020 quarantine
Millennial sits in hammock contemplating existential dread during 2020 quarantine
With no job to commute to, and no traffic to sit in, this might just be your retirement.

Nowhere to go. No reason to wake up early. Nothing to do but sit around in sweatpants, eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and watch Season 4 of The Office.

For all my adult life until March 2020, that would have sounded like paradise.

Oh, but what a change a few weeks can make.

Now, when I boot up Netflix, I grit my teeth. When I pour myself cereal, I take care not to pour too much or use too much milk. I wonder how long: How long before I need to brave the supermarket again? How long can I go without…

Your business is important. The service you provide fills a need for others, and you should be able to charge and get paid for your work. It’s a simple economic process.

But sometimes other factors intrude, creating obstacles to the basic ebb and flow business model. Clients can go through rough financial patches, downward burnouts, seasonality, or industry slumps.

Some obstacles might seem beyond your clients’ control. There may be a global economic crisis, a pandemic like COVID-19, or a natural disaster. You’re aware of the obstacle, but you provide the service anyway. …

Melissa Hollis Goff

Melissa loves content, comedy, and all things West Coast. She is an aspiring #RichGrandma but until then she’s happily living with her husband and rescue cat.

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